Why to Consult an Orthodontist for Gapped Teeth and Not to Go for DIY Braces

Orthodontic treatment is a boon for the people having problems related to teeth, especially for those having gapped teeth or crooked teeth. When it comes to dentistry, it is not advisable to directly approach DIY fashion.


Certain things need to be checked; otherwise, the ideas can go wrong in no time. Many teens and adults, even their parents today opt for DIY (Do it Yourself) braces to save costs in straightening and strengthening their teeth. Today, I will present you the consequences of a DIY orthodontic treatment and why you should leave it to the professionals.

Before that, let me give you a brief on the do it yourself braces.

What are the DIY braces?

You can find many blogs and YouTube videos online for homemade braces. Such braces are not made by the trained professional, and that’s why there is no guarantee of their reliability and durability. Some household things like rubber bands, super glue, dental floss, plastic mold kits, elastic rings, etc. are used to make the braces.

Is a DIY orthodontic treatment good idea or not?

It is claimed by some people that such do it yourself orthodontic treatment closes the gaps and fixes the crooked teeth in less than a month and a half. But, as it is done without any supervision or help of trained orthodontics and also the material that you use for making braces is not of medical-grade quality, it is a bad idea to get such braces by yourself.

DIY Braces Results

  1. Oral infections that go undiagnosed: As the material that you use is not sterilized, there is a significant risk of getting an oral infection. Moreover, it goes undiagnosed as you do not consult an orthodontist for the treatment.it.
  2. Gum damage: The paper clips, rubber bands, and such other items can damage the gums and injure your tissues.
  3. Wrong position of teeth: There is no guarantee that DIY braces will surely fix your teeth in the right place. After a few weeks of pain, you may find your teeth in either wrong or the original position.
  4. Cutting blood flow: The elastic strings and rubber bands can become fixed firmly in the gaps of your teeth and can cut off the blood supply.
  5. Open sores: When you continuously wear the homemade braces, there are chances that it can open sores and that may not be healed.
  6. Bone loss: When the gum infection spreads through the teeth and gaps, then it can cause severe bone loss.
  7. Tooth decay: The continuous use of low-quality and unauthentic orthodontic treatment can lead to severe problems like tooth decay which will be irreversible after some time.
  8. Speech impediment: Not only your teeth will be negatively affected by the cheap DIY braces but also can cause a speech impediment problem in which, you will have to put extra efforts for telling certain sentences.

 Go for the professional orthodontic treatment

There are different types of professional braces for teens and adults out there. Most of the people choose DIY braces to save money. In this process, they mostly opt for the same kind of homemade braces regardless of their age group and body features. However, in most cases, this ends up in paying more than saving, moreover, suffering to an extent.

Considering all the adverse health effects of the homemade braces, I advise you to consult a professional orthodontist in your area.

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