Our Picks for the Top Cleanest Countries in the World

Since Narendra Damodardas Modi became the 15th and is current Prime Minister of India, he started reforming and modernizing the infrastructure and government of the country. One of his most successful projects he started after becoming PM of the World’s Biggest Democracy is, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (“Clean India”).” Soon after launching the project by himself, the countrymen and countrywomen responded tremendously. We will see the Top 10 Cleanest Cities in India later, today’ we will check the list of the Top 10 Cleanest Countries in the World.

Top Cleanest Countries in the World

  1. France

Being one of the super powers in the world and also known as “Republic of France,” the country has a large population of about 66.7 Million. France is one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council. There is no wonder that the French are trying their best to make and keep their country trim and neat! The country is also one of the safest in the world and the EPI (Environmental Performance Index) score of 78.2 shows that how well the people of France are making efforts in such a big country.

  1. Cuba

White beaches, blue skies, swimming with dolphins, are some of the symbols of this northern Caribbean nation – Cuba. Situated at the meet of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, Havana is the capital and is the largest city in the country. Cuba is also the largest Island in the Caribbean. The total population of the country is about 11 Million. Though the country is still under development phase, the health of the people is so much good that makes this country placed on the list of the Top Cleanest Country in the World.

  1. Austria

Austria is known for its greenery, beautiful hills, and valleys. ‘The Republic of Austria’ has not its official language but rather using German as its speaking language. The total population of this country is about 8.66 Million. The country shares its borders with Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and some other countries. Maybe due to the country is landlocked and is free from the ocean borders, the EPI score of Austria is just over 78. Austria is known as an Environmental-Friendly country whose capital Vienna has inhabitants in the number of about 1.7 Million. This central European country is at the 8th position in our list.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the world’s cleanest and beautiful countries. This Central American country is officially known as the ‘Republic of Costa Rica.’ With over 4.5 Million inhabitants, the country has an EPI score of over 86.4. The country is naturally blessed with terrains and has a vast area of forests, great wildlife, and clean water. The state pledges to become the carbon neutral by 2021.

  1. Germany

During the year of 2014, Germany gained a good EPI index and so is the 6th place in this list. Though it is a nuclear power country, it is also one of the cleanest nations of the world. Officially known as ‘Federal Republic of Germany’ is blessed with magnificent mountains, forests, and rivers which are suitable for the perfect tourist spot. With the population of over 81 Million, the EPI score of Germany is 80.47.

  1. Norway

Norway is one of the most prosperous nations among the European countries. Stunning landscapes, cultural art, and architecture, and overall beauty help this place to become one of the most visited Scandinavian countries. With the population of over just 5 Million people, a large number of petroleum and natural gas sources, the country is playing an active role in environment cleaning. It is known as the safest, developed, and peaceful nation, and so it has rights to have a place in this list.

  1. Singapore

If you are looking for a place with a powerful economy to start your business or want to be a part of smallest yet the dominant nation in the world, then you can end your search at Singapore. With the stable temperature throughout the year and being at the second place in the list of richest country in the world, Singapore is positioned at the 4th position in our list. This Asian country has also won an award for its cleanliness concerns and is a favorite vacation spot for the worldwide tourists.

  1. Sweden

Sweden is the house of tourism and is a famous country in the world. It has a population of over 9 Million and has an EPI score of 86. Sweden is the third largest country in the States of European Union, and 85% of its people are living in urban areas. The country is paying a close attention towards cleanliness and has a low ratio of population to its field. This may be the big reason that it is at the 3rd place in the list of the Cleanest Countries in the World.

  1. Switzerland

For over the years, the country placed at the top position for cleanliness, but this biggest factor may have played a big part too, for a drop of one place. May the lack of concentration towards cleanliness has paid an amount, and Switzerland has to stay happy with the second position in this list. More and more tourists attracted towards this white mountains reach country over the years, and it is also famous for its fine chocolate. The strict environmental rules resulted in the cleanest air and water resources in the whole Europe.

  1. Iceland

Last but not the least, the leading country in the list of the Cleanest Countries in the world is Iceland. It has a very low population just about 0.33 Million and has an EPI score of 93.1! The country is full of mountains, glaciers, and yes also consists lava fields! It is one of the developed and richest countries in the world. And when we are talking about the 1st placed nation, then there is no doubt about its safety and cleanliness.

In the end

As a passionate traveler, you may love to visit different countries in the world. But, you may ask yourself every time you want to visit foreign that which country should I visit? I think the list of the ‘Top Cleanest Countries in the World’ will help you find your answer. I don’t mean that the other countries not included in the list are not travel-friendly, though. Pack your bags and pick the spot you want to visit. Happy Travelling!

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